About Us

We understand that you are here, on this website, looking for help at a critical point in your life. Whether therapy is for you or a loved one we are here to help.

Here are some helpful tips to get started and an idea of what to expect:

First, continue looking through our website. Get a feel for who we are and which therapist may be best suited for you.

Next, reach out! Either by phone or email. Our goal is to respond to you as quickly as possible. Once we receive your request a team member will reach out. We will ask more about why you are seeking services and answer any additional questions you may have. We will discuss payment and insurance options at this time. Our goal is to schedule your first session within the next seven days if possible.

What to expect

During your first appointment your clinician will conduct an intake assessment. This is an important first step in allowing your therapist to know more about you, your history and why you are seeking services. At this time you and your therapist will establish what is most important for you to begin working on and start to create goals and objectives. Sessions are scheduled weekly unless otherwise indicated.

*For children and some adolescents we ask a parent or guardian to be present for the first part of the session to help with comfortability and rapport. If appropriate, the parent will be asked to wait in the waiting room for the remainder of the session.

Our mission

In order for therapy to be effective, two things need to happen: consistency and openness. We understand and respect that trust takes time to build, however our mission is to help you set realistic and achievable goals. A lot can and will happen in a week! You may be asked to journal, complete small assignments, or practice techniques learned so that we can help you meet your goals.

Our mission is always to help you achieve your goals so that you can terminate from therapy in a healthy manner. When you and your therapist decide, sessions will be decreased, usually from weekly to bi-weekly. After a period of time sessions can be spaced out further or you and your therapist may decide it’s appropriate to terminate. On the other hand, weekly therapy may not be enough and that’s ok too! If appropriate you will meet with your therapist more than one time a week or we will help you find an appropriate higher level of care. Either way and whatever your therapy goals are, we are here to help and support.

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